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Social Media Marketing Company India

How does one grow channels to connect with the consumer. With the average online consumption reaching as high as 50 %, user engagement in india is the reason why so many niche businesses are spawning overnight. But their success depends on more than just Facebook Likes. The user engagement is a two-way process wherein the website can build relationship with influencer, get an online community going, get more social shares, which means a higher conversion rate. A research carried out by Indian Market Research Bureau rules that there will be 150 million internet users in India.

Social Media Services

To maximize the ROI, small and large businesses need to speak across the social media platforms – Facebook likes increase brand visibility, Twitter retweets are an indicator of user engagement while Youtube videos can land you organic page rankings on the search engines. Besides, Pinterest and LinkedIn shares and updates helps you to reach out to your social audience.

While many niche start-ups build their online audience through social media, they may not be able to convert visits into sales. This is where GrowFast® steps in. GrowFast®'s Organizational Marketing Asset (OMA) helps in maximising revenues, lowering marketing costs, and improves customer satisfaction, all this while you can concentrate on the business aspect.

Social Media Optimization Company

How does GrowFast build long-term relationship with customers

GrowFast® Social Media Services leverages the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other related tools to help you reach out to your target audience. GrowFast follows the STEP Methodology, identifying the target audience, getting the audience to like the brand by providing unique content, building brand loyalty by establishing a trust between the website and the user, enhancing brand engagement thereby creating a positive buzz, thereyby tipping the conversion scale. This gets key decision makers, interested user in making purchases.

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Action Plan

GrowFast® Social Media Services uses GrowFast® NECTAR Framework

  • Define the Social Media Objectives
  • Developing an Online Listening Platform (OLP)
  • Building cross-functional teams to filter the noise
  • Engage the online audience through participation
  • Measure the impact of social initiatives continuously

GrowFast® Digital Marketing company Bangalore focuses on these representative metrics to track the Social Media Campaign

  • Average Cost per Visitor
  • Percentage New and Returning Customers
  • No of users referring a Friend
  • Likes on Facebook
  • Sentiments
  • Re-tweets
  • Average Visits per Visitor
  • New Visitors in a new segment
  • New Member Registrations
  • Page views
  • Mentions
  • Virality, etc.,


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    I am really happy with GrowFast® service, it is exceptional, GrowFast® is just great.


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    I cannot express my experience with this brilliant team in a few words but I am going to try it.


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    I would like to bring to your notice the wonderful job which your team has done.


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    The work that you have done is beyond my expectations.


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    The service you provide has got to be the best in the industry..


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    I must say that first of all, it's been a great pleasure of mine to have been able to work with you and your organization.


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