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Video Marketing SEO

If you are looking for a fast way for your website to be found in Search Engine Result Pages, (SERP), an effective Video Marketing SEO campaign can help you reach the target audience. Video Marketing SEO has gained popularity with small and large businesses alike who want to launch a new product / campaign or test the waters to find out whether a certain product would work in the market. And if you don't have time to wait for the SEO strategy to kick in and want to climb up the search engine rankings, Video Marketing SEO comes handy in getting a positive buzz, and give you an edge over your competitors.

A study conducted in a focus group reveals that 80% of the respondents preferred watching a video instead of a TV or a radio spot and text ad. Out of the 80% respondents, 52% responded to the video, asking about the product and how to get it. Another research indicates that around 100 million videos are uploaded on Youtube everyday and

A properly executed video, with a unique content neatly packaged leads to more conversions than a text ad. An optimised video, with the right SEO content is 50 times more likely to get clicks and organic rankings on search engines.

Benefits of using Video Matketing SEO

  • There is little quality video content on the web, hence a brilliantly executed, user-friendly video with optimised content and great graphics can lead to higher page ranks
  • A video enables you to test the market for your product and reach your targeted audience
  • Is cost-effective method
  • It is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website
  • Increases viewer engagement
  • A video gets more in-bound links instead of SEO text

Tips for Video Marketing SEO

  • Always keep the video content short, people are more interested in the visuals
  • Upload the transcript as Google can't pick up video content. It also enables Youtube to understand the video content better
  • Always include videos in sitemaps so that it can be indexed by search engines

Who needs Video Marketing SEO

Want to drive traffic to your website, provide information about a new product through a video or test the market for a new campaign, a video can help you get instant following on the web, at the same time inluencing key decision-makers on Youtube. B2B decision-makers are more likely to turn to a video to boost the SEO and build brand recognition.

Video Marketing SEO package

Video Creation

Get a professionally created viral style video with graphics, text, branding, logo and music that helps generate a massive online following. The video will have the website's addresss, contact number customized. The Video title tags will feature relevant keywords to get search engines to pick up the video.

Generating Video Views

We create an integrated YouTube marketing campaing that helps boost your video rankings in major search engines.

Video reporting and analytic services

A thorough and extensive report once a month will track the video's rankings in search engines, number of clicks received, profile online audience, viewer traffic and enumerate what keywords the video is being searched on.

Google Video sitemap

As part of the video marketing package, our in-house experts will use a Google Video sitemap on your website that helps search engines look up your video.

Youtube Channel

Get a customized Youtube channel with your company's branding, logo and company URL.

Embedding Videos in sites

As part of the services, we embed the video in your site and blogs.

Video social bookmarking Services

The video will be submitted to popular bookmarking websites such as Digg which will help in increase the Video SEO.

Client Support

Our experts will be available for queries round-the-clock by email and phone.


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