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Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click Services


Pay Per Click Services (PPC) is a form of search engine marketing strategy that allows companies to be advertised on major search engines through selected keywords. The websites appears on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo under Sponsored Listings. The methodology is simple, payment for the ad is related to the number of clicks the advertised link receives. PPC is carried out through bidding of keywords, which results in a powerful ad, that helps land the website in paid search results.


Benefits for using Pay Per Click Services

  • Budget-friendly search engine marketing techniques
  • Guaranteed maximization of revenue
  • PPC can generate traffic for a newly launched website

Who needs Pay Per Click Services

  • Corporations who want to test a new business model
  • Gather feedback on a new product before its official launch
  • Survey the competition
  • Increase brand visibility

GrowFast® Internal Research Team (GIRT) devises an actionable strategy to increase visitor traffic on the website and generate sales. GIRT reviews different services to establish which is the best strategic PPC campaign suited for your organization.

Action Plan

One of the steps in PPC strategy is to understand the keyword bidding process, to keep the client's budget in line. Sometimes, a particular keyword may not lead to the same number of conversions as another word. An intensive keyword-testing method and an understanding of the audience's requirements is undertaken before implementing the PPC campaign. GIRT works on optimizing the right keywords to target, with “High Search Value (HSV)” by using key indicators such as Search Volume, High Relevance and Low Difficulty

GIRT investigates the following before designing a Pay Per Click Program:

  • The first and most important step is the keyword selection
  • The team identifies words related and important to the website
  • No of searches conducted each month through planned search engine for the PPC program
  • Find out if the search engine has major affiliates or partners that could contribute to the volume of traffic
  • No of searches generated each month by those partners and affiliates
  • Find out how search engine prevent fraud and related controls
  • Dealing with fraudulent activity and resolution, past history
  • Control over the location of appearance of the planned listing

Budget Determination: Through keyword research, the team determines the competition for each word during bidding, which indicates the budget.
Creating ad copy: Based on the keyword selection, GIRT creates a pay per click ad.

GrowFast® Pay Per Click services are offered under following categories:

  • Keyword Pay Per Click
  • Product Pay Per Click
  • Service Pay Per Click


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