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Case Studies


Growfast's PPC Ad Campaign helped an online trade consulting firm to achieve optimum ROI in a span of one month.
Clear-Trade is a leading Global online trade consulting firm incorporated in Forest hills, New York. It provides Strategic Sourcing /Locator Services, Export/ Sales/ Business Development Services, Supply Chain Solutions and Innovative Technologies & Services. Clear-Trade plays a unique role in assisting client firms in advancing their interests through international trade and domestic business development

About GrowFast

GrowFast is a leading digital marketing agency that drives profit for clients across digital channels. Our proven track record of success in end-to-end digital marketing across verticals - such as healthcare, retail, technology, education and manufacturing - allows us to back up our promise of delivering “actionable results that matter”.


“After working with various PPC professionals who weren’t able to understand our unique business needs, we chances upon Growfast digital. The team took the effort to put together a series of campaigns that have given us the outcome that we’d always wanted. They know their stuff and we’re glad they’ve working on our project.”


Growfast's PPC Ad Campaign

Growfast Digital kicked off the Global Sourcing & TIR (Third Industrial Revolution campaigns by doing extensive research in online Global trading space. With the help of this research and analysis of previous campaign history, Growfast Digital developed a strategic plan of action focussing on:

  • A heavily expanded keyword list
  • Long-tail phrases
  • Negative keywords
  • Developed new Ad copy with Refined Ad messaging and Ad Testing (making it more targeted and less likely to result in irrelevant clicks)
  • Enhanced CPC (Growfast ran the campaign in enhanced mode)
  • Effective bid strategy (Clear-Trade's Ad shown by Google only when there is a probability to get higher Quality clicks at a lesser cost)
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Campaign layout restructuring
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Proper Budget Allocation
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking
The Challenge

Clear Trade approached Growfast with the following set of problems:

  • Getting their campaigns across to reach the target customer
  • Limited Market coverage with inadequate brand awareness & sign-ups
  • Reducing the number of unnecessary clicks (A wastage of a whopping $2000 due to choice of Wrong Keywords)
  • Inclusion of negative keywords to get quality clicks
  • Clear-Trade's Adwords Automatic and Managed Placement not Optimized
  • Ineffective campaigning with no Ad testing
  • Generate Brand Awareness
  • Increase Traffic
  • Maximize Clicks & ROI
  • Increase Lead generation (Web Conversions)
  • Decrease CPC (Cost Per Click) & CTR(Click Through Rate)
  • Decrease conversion cost
  • Enhance Search Share
  • Lower expenditure on PPC
  • Optimize Campaign Profitability
  • Increase client & suppliers Sign-ups / enquiries
  • Drop in CPC – 20 clicks in $4.77 with 1 lead (Reduced costs)
  • Reduced costs helped in acheiveing targeted conversions, thereby achieving the optimum ROI
  • 7838 Ad impressions (i.e. Clear-trade's Ad is shown 7838 times in Google Search & Display Networks)

The client was pleased to see impressive results of PPC Ad campaign ran by Growfast within a short duration of just one month.


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    I am really happy with GrowFast® service, it is exceptional, GrowFast® is just great.


    profile pictute Vijay

    I cannot express my experience with this brilliant team in a few words but I am going to try it.


    profile pictute inlinguaBangalore

    I would like to bring to your notice the wonderful job which your team has done.


    profile pictute Smilestation

    The work that you have done is beyond my expectations.


    profile pictute Sukumar

    The service you provide has got to be the best in the industry..


    profile pictute e4e

    I must say that first of all, it's been a great pleasure of mine to have been able to work with you and your organization.


    profile pictute S.C.Sharada

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