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GrowFast® understands that Social media offers a unique opportunity for businesses as well as consumer brands, consultants, non-profit organizations, etc., atremendous opportunity to reach right people and engage themin innovative manner.

GrowFast® analytical tools measure factors such as
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)Dwell Time, CR, CPL, CPA, ROI
  • Average Page Views per Visit Average Visits per Visitor
  • Average Cost per Visitor Average Cost per Visit
  • Average Cost per Conversion Average Revenue per Visitor
  • Monthly Blog Readership (MBR) Blog Value Index (BVI)
  • Percent New and Returning Percent New and Returning
  • Visitors Customers
  • Percent Visitors in a New Member Registrations
  • Specific Segment Retention/Attrition
  • Unique Visitors Page Views
  • Conversion Rate Shopping Cart Start Rate


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    I am really happy with GrowFast® service, it is exceptional, GrowFast® is just great.


    profile pictute Vijay

    I cannot express my experience with this brilliant team in a few words but I am going to try it.


    profile pictute inlinguaBangalore

    I would like to bring to your notice the wonderful job which your team has done.


    profile pictute Smilestation

    The work that you have done is beyond my expectations.


    profile pictute Sukumar

    The service you provide has got to be the best in the industry..


    profile pictute e4e

    I must say that first of all, it's been a great pleasure of mine to have been able to work with you and your organization.


    profile pictute S.C.Sharada

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